Project Template

At Cubed, members have the option to start their own projects in Flat, Permia or any other worlds available. Projects can differentiate from a simple house to a full settlement; it all depends on what you intend to do.

Due to this, members can advertise their project with the format supplied below and allow other members to request to join their project. Simply copy+paste it in a new post and fill out accordingly.

  • Project Title: <(Project) Name>

  • Project Leader: <Name(s)>

  • Project Team: <Name(s) of those involved other than yourself. This is optional>

  • Project Location: <World name - such as Flat or Permia - and coordinates>

  • Description: <Describe the project in a few sentences. Try to cover: style, scale, purpose and resource-pack required>

  • Requirements: <Explain what you need. Do you need builders, do you need landscapers? Be as in-depth as possible>

  • Plan: <Include either a written plan, drawn graphic or an in-game screenshot showing what you intend to do>