How to Apply, and the Benefits of Applying

Cubed’s mission statement is to produce projects of scale and innovation. To do this, we have trusted dedicated builders who help reach this goal. Because of the trust that is required, visitors to our server must first fill out an application form to be granted building access in our worlds and the opportunities to help produce our main projects.

Why should I apply?

Cubed’s world system and the tools we grant ensure that members can build to the best of their ability without limits. This includes full WorldEdit and full Voxel, as well as the opportunity to advance in the community to produce and lead your own mega-projects with our full support. Cubed’s motive is building so we’ll always have something for you to get involved with.

Our community thrives on fair treatment of others and being friendly with everyone. We do not enjoy drama, and try to keep all members happy; if there’s ever an issue, our staff will try their best to help. Likewise, our community is very inclusive of new members who join us, no matter their background; if you treat us fairly you can expect the same back.

Cubed also has many partnerships with other excellent communities and servers, which offers you the opportunity to network and connect with other communities, builders and teams within the Minecraft community. We enjoy ensuring our members can excel and go on to be the best they can be, even if we’re only the launching pad for the future.

How do I apply?

Cubed has always had an application process for visitors to fill out a form and be accepted or denied. We generally also supply feedback and advice should you be denied, and we always offer a second chance to apply; don’t feel letdown if you’re denied, you can reapply infinitely and we will help you reach your goal.

First visit to find the application form. Fill out the basic details such as your Minecraft Username, Discord username and any social media. This helps us contact you regarding your application, and know who you are on the server. Next fill out the section for showing off your previous builds and art. This part is very important as it lets us see your skills and talents, and whether you’re appropriate for becoming a Member. These should either be a link to your build(s) or profile on, a link to your Twitter profile or an image album. An image album can be hosted on - this is straightforward, just sign up on Imgur and create an image album. If you need help finding screenshots you’ve taken in-game, use this:

You will then need to explain your past experience with previous communities and servers, specifically creative orientated servers. This can include your roles, any projects you partook or lead, and the morals you’ve learned. This helps us understand your personality and expectations of the community, and know you’re suitable. This is followed by explaining why you want to join Cubed’s membership. Be as specific as you can be, and be sure to convince us you’re motivated to be a positive member who’ll help our community grow and continue to be as friendly as we’ve always been.

Finally, you will be asked to rate your current experience on the server. This will include our features, any improvements you have, and any ideas that come to mind that may advance our community further; creative criticism helps us stay ahead of the crowd.

Once this is all done, you must submit the form and wait for staff to contact you with any news. We try to get back to you within 3 to 5 working days. If you’re accepted, you will be promoted on the server and given the permissions befitting Builder, as described here. You will then have the opportunity to advance further through our ranks.

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