How Andea Works

Andea is our new map. This map has been our most intensive project to date, with a year of in-depth planning to ensure its our best project yet. Based on European and West-coast North American cities, Andea is a large 10,000 diameter terrain map that focuses on creative realism and conceptual design.

What are the world rules?

Being an important world, only specialists, helpers and curators can build in Andea. This keeps the build quality high and ensures no random structures are made that don’t pertain to the world’s plan. These individuals with building permissions have full WorldEdit and Voxel access to assist them with building projects in the world.

Projects in Andea typically consist of creating buildings for the city, creating infrastructure such as roads and rail-links, filling interiors for structures and populating roads with vehicles. Senior staff typically plan regions of Andea and dictate what needs to be done, as to help give specialists their tasks. Curators also lead large tasks and regions, such as the airport project and metro stations.

Specialists are typically given individual tasks to help with creating Andea, otherwise they can ask a curator for any tasks or projects they can help with.

Where can I build?

If you wish to build, but you are not a specialist or curator, you can build in either Flat or Permia.

If you wish to become a special or curator, see below for details.

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