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Two quick breakfast recipes that are simple asfk and will make a good first meal if your running low on time or are in the mood for something sugary.

Cinnamon Toast I make this before I leave in the morning, takes about 3-5 minutes


  • Bread (however much you’re hungry for)
  • Butter, probably around a tablespoon for 2-3 pieces
  • cinnamon & sugar mix (since its a mix, the ratio is up to personal taste so I can’t give exact amounts)
  • walnuts/nut mix for extra crunch if you have time

Step 1: Start your toast in the toaster, put it towards a higher setting so the bread doesn’t get soggy when you’re done

Step 2: While your toast is in the toaster plop your butter into the microwave for no more than 20s and make sure you cover it so you don’t dirty your microwave.

Step 3: Take your toast out of the toaster, evenly drizzle the butter over the pieces, then sprinkle your cinnamon sugar mix (+ nuts if you decided on that). Boom done, takes about 3 min if you’re in a hurry and need bEKfest.


(these take longer than the others but you can make a lot at once and save them for later)

  • Flour tortillas
  • Vegetable Oil, enough to fill and inch and a half in a saucepan
  • cinnamon sugar mix from previous recipe
  • 1 saucepan
  • tongs

Step 1: Rip your tortillas into small pieces, around 3in x 3in pieces.

Step 2: bring the oil up to about 350F (medium setting on my own stove).

Step 3: using the tongs plop 2 or 3 tortilla pieces into the oil. Be careful, they’ll splatter oil a bit. Make sure to flip them over regularly, they fry fast. Take them out when they are colored a golden-brown.

Step 4: when they’re done, plop them in a dish full of the cinnamon mix and cover them. Repeat steps 2 - 3 till you’ve finished all the tortillas. Let them cool before you eat them and store them somewhere dry, or they will soften and be less crunchy and less good. They aren’t much but they’re a good snack.


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