Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be promoted?

If you’re a Builder, you have the opportunity to be promoted beyond this rank to Specialist or Curator.

Can I start a town/project?

If you’re a Builder, you can make your own personal town or project in Permia or Flat, and invite your friends. Official projects can be started by Curators with full support of Cubed’s assets.

How do I advertise my work?

There are many advertising channels in Cubed’s Discord, and you can use this category to showcase your work, whether on Cubed or elsewhere on other servers.

What are the rules?

  1. Be respectful. No racism or homophobia. You may use limited profanity in a discussion. Politics should be kept to a minimum. Don’t intentionally offend others.

  2. Respect staff and accept their decisions. If you feel a staff’s action is incorrect or inadequate, tell an admin.

  3. Do not advertise servers unless you have asked for permission. You may advertise projects/art, such as PMC links.

  4. Do not spam or abuse caps-lock. Do not teleport spam individuals. This will result in an immediate kick or worse if repeated.

  5. Do not grief. This results in an immediate ban if intentional. If it is accidental, notify a staff member.

  6. Abide by project rules. Builds may be deleted without warning. Check project spawns for the rules, else stick inside the plots provided. You can always ask for help from Staff.

What’s the server IP?

You can connect with, and The Minecraft version will be stated in the server MOTD.

Where can I build?

Visitors can only build if added to a claim in Permia by a Builder. Builders can only build in Permia and Flat, and any Curator projects with public building access. Specialists and Curators can build in Andea and Curator projects.

Can I appeal bans?


How do I become a Partner?

Contact Aequotis on Discord (Adám#0001) to discuss any partnerships. We prefer a civil discussion for partnerships rather than a form.

How do I become a Member?

Apply through our form here:
You can read a tutorial here: