Custom Commands & Features

Cubed’s creative server has many features that might go under the radar for new members. To ensure you’re never confused or miss out on new features, we’ve consolidated them all here. Remember that (text) means its a required part of the command, and [(text)] means its optional.

Alias System

Cubed has a custom “alias” system that lets you make shortcuts for your favourite commands.

For example: Type /alias set flora /br s 31:1,18,0 to use /flora as a shortcut to typing command string.

Command Description
/alias list See all your currently set aliases
/alias set (alias name) (command line) Set an alias
/alias share (alias name) [player] Share an alias, player optional to share privately
/alias delete (alias name) Delete stated alias

Armourstand Tool

We have a tool for summoning and editing an armourstand. This tool is rather complicated, using the /ast command to summon the stand and replacing your inventory with editing tools. Each tool is labelled and works by clicking an armourstand while holding the item.

For example: The nether-star is to access the editor menu, the shears to edit body rotations.

Command Description
/ast Summon tools listed below, re-enter command to return your old inventory.
Armour Stand Summon armour stands.
Nether Star Name armour stands.
Nether Star Toggle: Gravity, Visibility, Arms, Base, Size, Invulnerability, Equipment Lock.
Shears & Items Manipulate the x/y/z rotations of the Head, Body, Arms and Legs. The value depends on how high up the armour stand’s body you click with the tool (i.e. click near the feet is one extreme, near the top of the head is the other extreme).
Nether Star Full control over armour stand’s inventory (armour & items in hands).
Nether Star Pick up and move armour stands.
Nether Star Armour stand cloning tool.
Nether Star Player head tool: Give an armour stand the head of a specific player.

Chat Emotes

We enjoy expressing our emotions on Cubed, therefore we established commands and chat events to help our community do this.

For example: Type /boop Aequotis to boop his snout.

Command Description
/boop (player) Boop player
/hug (player) Hug player
/kiss (player) Kiss player
/cuddle (player) Cuddle player
/pat (player) Pat player
/poke (player) Poke player
/wave Wave in chat
/tableflip Flip a table
/unflip Unflip that table you flipped
/fedora Tip your gentleman fedora
/bru [text] Face emote in chat, text optional
/wew [text] Face emote in chat, text optional
/lenny [text] Face emote in chat, text optional

Chat Reactions

We understand shortcuts are an enjoyable part of life, so we’ve included chat reactions for certain events on the server. These are not capital-sensitive.

For example: Type "brb" and send it in chat to be set as AFK.

Chat Description
brb Be set as AFK
gtg Saves your data and waves goodbye
f Pay respects
y Accept a teleportation request - Coming Soon
n Deny a teleportation request - Coming Soon
time Be notified of the current server time (currently GMT +1)
#hashtags Typing #text will colour your hashtag cyan (E.g. #test)
<3 Typing <3 will format as a :heart:. Add any colour code to colour the heart, E.g. 9<3 will colour as :blue_heart:. Available codes are 0123456789 ABCDEF

Chat Events

Cubed has many features you may have never noticed. By hovering over chat events, you can receive extra information regarding the event.

For example: If you hover over announcements, you will see extra information and you can click most announcements to execute commands or actions. This is also the same for messages sent by members, where you can see more information regarding the player. Hover over everything!

Worlds System

To help members and guests alike navigate our server, we’ve devised a system that visualises our worlds and significant map locations. You can also access the /worlds menu via /help or holding a clock and clicking.

For example: Type /andea to view Andea’s significant locations, and click a block to teleport.

Command Description
/worlds or /world View all current significant worlds and locations
/andea View Andea’s significant locations
/catalne View Catalne’s significant locations
/info worlds Type this to view all information about our worlds
/nyc View New York City’s significant locations
/position Supplies your coordinates and world, with the option to copy your coordinates
/random Random coordinate teleportation
/spawn Return to Spawn
/westpoint View Westpoint’s significant locations
/warp View all locations
/warp (location) Warp to a location

Personal Commands & Menu

We have a custom menu setup to assist members and guests with their daily lives on Cubed. Our /menu consolidates our major features into one place, letting you browse and interact with features easily.

Command Description
/menu Type this to view all of the primary features of Cubed, as listed below
/playtime [(player)] View your playtime, or another player’s playtime. AFK time included
/afktime (player) View how long a player has been AFK for
/buildersutilities or bu Builders’ utilities menu for night-vision, advanced-fly, slab breaking physics and more
/colors Minecraft’s chat colour formats
/nv or /nightvision Activate or deactivate night-vision
/banner Tool for creating a custom banner
/color Tool for creating a custom coloured leather armour set
/skull [(player)] Receive the head of a player or your own head
/sb [or] /schematicbrowser Folder to show the server’s loaded schematics
/nickname [(name)] Set your own nickname. You can also use /colors’ codes too
/achievements View your current achievements
/info Type this to view in-game tutorials and world information
/id Enable or disable the block identifier tooltips [enabled by default]
Glowstone Dust Right click and left click to increase/decrease light values of blocks permanently
/tools Receive essential tools to assist with building
/wesv Enable or disable the selection visualiser for WorldEdit [enabled by default]

Utility Commands

Cubed has many commands to help you learn about the server and utilise key features of the community.

Command Description
/pack Lists the common resource-packs used by our community, as well as our own CubedPack
/rules View our rules and understand what’s accepted by our community
/socialmedia View our official social media
/tptoggle Deny members sending you teleportation requests globally
/discord Receive an invite to the Discord server
/apply Receive information on applying for Cubed’s membership

Head Database

Cubed uses Arcaniax’s head database to assist our community with decorating builds. This allows access to thousands of custom heads for any use. Click heads in the menu to bring them to your inventory.

For example: Type /hdb s egg and it will search for egg heads.

Command Description
/hdb Opens the main menu for heads with the various categories
/hdb s (text) Search the database for any heads matching your keyword

Fast Async WorldEdit

We use FAWE to ensure you have the best WorldEdit tools and all the features of an actively updated plugin. View all documentation here:

GriefPrevention Region Claiming

We use GriefPrevention in our Permia world to ensure members can claim space safely without worrying about grief from others. You can also /trust guests too!

Example: Type /trust Aequotis to trust Aequotis to your claimed region.

You can claim a region using a gold shovel, treating it like a Worldedit Axe; position 1 & 2. You can also right click with a wooden stick to inspect a region’s size or check if the area you want is already claimed.

For full documentation, see here:

Command Description
/trust (player) Trust a player
/untrust (player) Untrust a player
/claim (radius) Claim the area around you using the given radius

For more commands, see the above documentation!

Build Battles

We use BuildBattles on Cubed to give our members a fun game to play together while improving their skills.

Command Description
/bb join [arena] Joins specified arena
/bb randomjoin [solo/team] Joins random arena of specified game mode
/bb stats (online player) Shows your stats
/bb leave Quits current game.
/bb top [statistic] Shows TOP 10 players of specified statistic

What To Build

Cubed has Aliquam’s WhatToBuild plugin, allowing members to use commands for theme ideas and building styles.

Command Description
/whattobuild Gives you a randomly themed build idea