Ban Appeals

Place all ban and temp-ban appeals here. Follow the format below:

  • Username:
  • Discord:
  • Date of ban:
  • Banned by:
  • Reason for ban:
  • Why you should be unbanned:

All appeals are privy to whether staff believe you’re welcome back to the community or if they feel you’re undeserving of the actions placed upon you. Be patient with appeals and allow time for staff to review your plea.

  • Username:User127
  • Discord:User 129#6121
  • Date of ban:2020 9/23
  • Banned by:cubed
  • Reason for ban:stealing a build
  • Why you should be unbanned:I learned my lesson and im really impressed by the architecture. I think i deserve a second chance Because I am now a Maure man. ps:i know i wont be appealed so thats ok