Ban Appeals

Place all ban and temp-ban appeals here. Follow the format below:

  • Username:
  • Discord:
  • Date of ban:
  • Banned by:
  • Reason for ban:
  • Why you should be unbanned:

All appeals are privy to whether staff believe you’re welcome back to the community or if they feel you’re undeserving of the actions placed upon you. Be patient with appeals and allow time for staff to review your plea.

  • Username:User127
  • Discord:User 129#6121
  • Date of ban:2020 9/23
  • Banned by:cubed
  • Reason for ban:stealing a build
  • Why you should be unbanned:I learned my lesson and im really impressed by the architecture. I think i deserve a second chance Because I am now a Maure man. ps:i know i wont be appealed so thats ok
  • Username: Eohan
  • Discord: I don’t have one lol
  • Date of ban: december 29th, 2021
  • Banned by: blood_succubus
  • Reason for ban: “hacked clients are not allowed”
  • Why you should be unbanned: I asked if I was allowed to use a hacked client in order to be efficient during the building process since I don’t know how to use world edit very well. They said no, which was understandable, however, your moderator insisted on the fact that I was using one after I was testing a few items from my saved toolbars. these items only created simple particle and sound effects for which your mod never gave me a warning to stop their use of. I suggest to you that you revise your system to remove these items from player’s inventories if they are unwanted and make it clear that hacked clients are against the rules when you join the server, as I do not recall it ever being mentioned within them.
  • Username: LikeKanye
  • Discord:Clarence#1011
  • Date of ban: 2021-01-02
  • Banned by: Tarago
  • Reason for ban: Enough is enough.
  • Why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I learned my lesson. I enjoyed looking at builds and sometimes I was childish and was annoying because I wanted attention but now I want to watch buildings again because I need insparation. I got banned one year ago and I think it was enough for me to behave. Thank you